Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Scare

I love and hate how God continues to remind me that my life and my children are not my own. My children are on loan, gifted to me for a time. My job is to raise them up teaching them about Jesus and being an example of what it looks like to love and honor him. Ofcourse that is something I'm far from perfecting.

We had a big scare last night with baby number 4. I was standing in the kitchen potting a few indoor plants when i started to gush blood. Its the strangest and scariest thing. Immediately i thought, "I'm losing the baby!". Ive never misscarried so i don't know what its like but i knew this much bright red blood was not good. The cramping began. We called our good friends (more like family), the Batemans. They came over, prayed over the baby and put the kids To bed for us. In all this i had great peace that if we were losing this baby it was just as it should be. God is good even in those painful moments and i knew he would take care of me.

Immediately i thought of my mom and i knew that she would be so excited to have a grandbaby with her. As strange as that is, it was comforting to me.

After the batemans prayed for me, the bleeding subsided and the harsh cramps became dull and at times would disappear. It was a long night with little sleep as i anxiously awaited our ultrasound this morning. I will say that this voice in my head, Gods voice, kept reminding me that he would take care of my baby and that his, not my, baby would be ok.

This morning. We had our ultrasound and it was near perfect. The baby looked perfect with a strong heart beat, growing right on track. However there was an explanation for this gushing blood. A large dark sack looming near the top of the gestational sack measuring 2 inches by 1 inch. I have para gestational hemorrhaging. This is when a clot of blood forms around the gestational sack. It causes cramping and bleeding. Thankfully in healthy pregnancies like mine, its not anything to worry about. In the next four weeks i will bleed more, cramp more, as my body absorbs some of it and rids the rest. Bummed because its uncomfortable but i am so thankful that the baby looks "perfect" according to my OB. The hard part will be staying quiet the next week. Orders from the doctor. She says no running after kids all day. Has she seen mine lately? I think we may need to bring in outside help. I go back Monday morning for another ultrasound to see what this sack of blood is doing and would appreciate prayers that it would absorb quickly.

Feeling very thankful that God has yet again spared us some heartache while reminding us who is really running this show.

On a side note, maraes second ear will be activated this afternoon at 2:30.I'm so excited for her to hear with TWO ears!


  1. Wow, Katie! Such a crazy scare! So glad that your baby is doing well! And so excited for Marae to hear with two ears today! Your life seems like such a rollercoaster glad your trust is in the Lord. I'm praying for you today.

  2. Something similar happened to me on my #3 child--placenta previa in my case, but I learned that when God wants a child to live, they do! Praise God! I will pray for you on your current pregnancy, that God will keep you at peace. Did you know that Phil works in acoustics? Not medical, but he's been aware of cochlear implants for some time. It's a thrill to see it functioning in Marae!